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About Us

#About Us

About Ruvic Power LLP

"Ruvic Power LLP" is a system integrator and Solar Energy EPC Company.

Our Mission is to create and integrate competitive solar energy technology to delight our consumers by bringing best in class, optimal, end to end solar energy solutions. We are committed to the nation for clean and green energy and it is our endeavor to assist people to switch over the clean energy.

Solar Power is the most preferred, reliable and efficient mode of harnessing renewable energy as India has immense solar potential in the form of more than 315 days in a year for converting into electric power.
We are backed by team of experienced professionals that is proficient in its respective fields and strives to understand & fulfill the exact needs of our clients. We are the preferred choice of our customers for offering outstanding product assortment and flexible services. It is because of the consistent efforts and undivided dedication that we have garnered a large number of customers in the industry.

#Source of Energy

The biggest attribute of solar energy is that it does not cause pollution. Solar power energy is a renewable resource. The Sun is present forever. The energy that we get from the Sun is free. The energy coming from the Sun can be renewed for all practical uses. Solar energy is permanent, since the Sun is always there to shine on us. Solar energy is increasingly finding its validity in today's times where the non-renewable sources of energy such as petroleum, coal, etc are decaying at a steady rate. We comprehend this gift of the Sun & have innovatively devised efficient Eco-friendly viable solutions.